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Special news about btc

Muhammad Shahid

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Important Notice

As you know the market is too much volatile at times
The whole market is all about PnD and some news.
Get your grip only over few coins dont overtrade at all.

About BTC
Hodl on to more BTC before mid or end November as its price is predicted to be rack up fast and at peaks.
So slowly make sure you more percentage is in BTC rather in coins BTC can give you 500$-2000$ clean profit✊

Muhammad Shahid

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if you are new to this forum
One thing most attractive I want to share if you have pak coins in ewallet you can utilize your balance of Pakcoins In form of easylod with unlock discount 15%
For example
If you want to get ufone super card of 500
You will pay ,425 rupees and you will be given 500 value of card
To determine the percentage following method is used.
Write amount In your separate spare page like diary page . then divide the amount with 100 ,multiply that 100 by given % percentage
Such as 500/100*5
Any amount you can be detemined like this calculation. it is ,when you want to know how much balance you will obain

Muhammad Shahid

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Few weeks,before something happened wrong with cryptpia one of my friend loss coins balance but now it is heard crypto pia is save
But such local exchanger if you want to use then dont make higher investment
Just invest amount as u can bear if any hacking issue takes place ,there are many exchanger,I have experienced only few
I dont know about bittrading I don't have experience by it

Muhammad Shahid

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Chances of Bit coin Is to go up because now there 2 possibilities
One is next Harfork may occur in end of November due to bitcoin silver launch
People will hold btc more and more to get reward of btc silver
Other possibility is that if amazon would accept btc ,btc investment will be up

Hammad Akhtar

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I think hard fork had occurred and segwit2x will double bitcoin's price but not more than 10000$ according to my opinion.