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Satoshi Nakamato to be revealed " claims


Well Mcafee claims to know the real Satoshi Nakamato and he thinks revelling his identity will be a book to the cryptocurrency society, he thinks all the jokes who roams around claiming to be nakamato is essentially a sheer waste of public indulgence in their antiques.

He was threatening nakamato if he didn't came out then he will narrow him down and then revel his identity to the whole world.

What do you guys think ?
Is this good or bad ?
Is he doing the right thing ?

Why isn't his right to be anonymous respected here ?
He made something which essentially makes everyone , every transaction hidden and maybe there is a reason, maybe he wants to peacefully spend his days, instead to be in the limelight every now and then.

Isn't the decision his ? Not someone else's ? I am a little disappointed this shouldn't happen, maybe he wants to be mystery forever . But it's his decision.

Will McAfee Disclose Nakamoto's Identity? Crypto Will Suffer If He Did-https://www.newsbtc.com/2019/04/19/will-mcafee-disclose-nakamotos-identity-crypto-will-suffer-if-he-did/


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Well, first of all McAfee isn't a person who's words can often be taken literally...