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Pakcoins for Palestinians Project

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I have created this thread to start a project to get Pakcoins into the hands(digital wallets) of Palestinians. I have several reasons for starting this endeavor. The main ones are to educate Palestinians, especially those living in the Gaza Strip about digital currencies. One of the other major reasons is that this effort will hopefully lead to greater use of Pakcoin and digital currencies among Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank which will enable them to more easily resist the Israeli economic pressure against them.

I did not come up with the original idea for this. There is an effort which already exists to deliver Pakcoins to Pakistanis. You can find out about that by clicking here. After I had seen this I said to myself there should be a project like this to help Palestinians, and that's when I came up with the Pakcoins for Palestinians idea.

Personally, I have limited means, but I can commit to sending 5 Pakcoins to 20 different Palestinians. In the future I will most likely be able to give more to this effort, but for now I can commit to giving out a total of 100 Pakcoins among 20 different Palestinians.

I'm sure that some other members of our forum, and other holders of Pakcoins will want to contribute to the "Pakcoins for Palestinians Project". As more people with Pakcoins step forward to donate them then we will be able to give more to Palestinians.

To qualify for the 5 Pakcoins you must meet the following requirements:

1. Be of Palestinian ancestry.
2. Live in either the Gaza Strip or The West Bank.
3. Have a passport or ID card proving your Palestinian identity.

After these requirements are met you will do the following:

1. Register on this forum(which is free).
2. Private message me on this forum.
3. Send me a clear selfie with you holding your passport or ID.

After you do these three things you will then create a free wallet on the Pakcoin E-wallet page. Which you can find by clicking here. Or you can download and install one of the Pakcoin wallets which you can find here. After you do this you will find the Pakcoin address for your wallet and send it to me. I will then send you the 5 Pakcoins.

If you have any questions or comments about our project or the instructions then please post them on this thread, or private message me.

Thank you all for your support with this project.
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Your idea is also outstanding :) you are welcome
I greatly appreciate you saying that. ;)

I think the challenge now will be target marketing this project to Palestinians who live in Gaza or the West Bank.

In the beginning we may have to settle for giving Pakcoins to Palestinians who reside outside of their homeland. I know there are a number of them in Europe and North America.


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37coins is a company which closed down, but their business model was an innovative one.

"...Users of 37coins could send and receive bitcoins to their bitcoin wallets, called SMSwallets. The SMSwallets were controlled by SMS/text commands sent from simple feature phones, such as a Nokia 100. Using the system, bitcoins could be sent and received from any bitcoin wallets..."

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