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Pakcoin YouTube Bounty


Staff member
Good day everyone
YouTube Bounty is here for pakcoin.
You can win 5000 pakcoins for a valid YouTube video about pakcoin on your YouTube channel.
We would give away Bounty reward for 50 valid videos.
1. You must have 1000 YouTube subscribers and account should be minimum 1 year older.
2. Your channel must be active, no video published on channel for more than 1 month from now will not be eligible.
3. Use English, Urdu / Hindi or Arabic only. No reward will be given for any other language.

1. Have a thorough research on pakcoin first.
2. Make a promotional video or informational video with correct information about pakcoin history, project or related.
3. Video length should be at least 3 minutes for promotional videos and 6 minutes for informational videos.
4. Post the video link here after uploading to your channel.
5. Post your pakcoin address as well (from ewallet.pakcoin.org or pakcoin Windows wallet)

Rewards will be given to the valid video uploader after 20 days of video uploading.