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How to start staking Pakcoin on Laptop/Pc.


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How are you all.

Today I will guide you , How you can start staking Pakcoin in your Laptop/Pc and star earring reward in shape of Pakcoin.

1. Requirements ;
(a). Any simple configuration Laptop or PC. No need to buy specific high performance Laptop

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(b). internet connection.

2. Procedure ;
Lets start step by step.

i. first of all open pakcoin website and download pakcoin windows wallet.


ii. Download it, install it and run Pakcoin wallet .
it will open like this.


Now Pakcoin wallet will start synchronizing with network and data base will be downloaded.it will take 1, or 2 hrs depending upon network speed.

iv. When pakcoin wallet is fully synchronized , just go to " Receive" tab, and create a new address.

v. Send pakcoin to this address, after 120 confirmations staking will be started.

vi. You will get 5 pakcoin as reward for solving a block. Reward will depends on some factors like amount of pakcoin in your wallet, Total amount of pakcoin on network and how long your wallet is online (i.e how long your Laptop/Pc stayed connected to internet.)

Note ; Dont forget to create a wallet backup file, and keep it safe on different multiple locations like other pc or mobile, google drive, or in flash drive.
So in case of any problem like windows corrupt, Laptop/Pc hard disk failure or for any reason, you can easily install pakcoin wallet to another laptop and recover your pakcoins.

just go to "file" tab and click "create backup".

If you have any question/help, you can ask.