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Beware of Phishing/Scams.

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Hi all
I hope you are fine.
Now Pakcoin is Rising Fast in the local and international Markets.
So i am informing you to beware of Phishings and scams.
With the Rise of Pakcoin, Some guys or programmer may try to catch your ewallet through send you phishing links via Social Networks.And some users also try to become Admin or Moderator and send you Private message through Conversation or Email.
What you have to do in this way
  • Check the url before opening a link
  • Example: Official=> Pakcoin Wallet-http://ewallet.pakcoin.org/

    Phishing or Fake=> http://ewallet.pakcoin.net/

  • We will never ask about your personal information like Email/Password/Other secrets
  • Forum.

  • If someone anonymous selling Pakcoin then you must confirm details about him via this Teller Map Link >http//pakcoin.info/tellers.If you not find his detail here then Buy at your own risk.Even if you find that Dealer then contact him via only that contact detail which are given in Map.
  • If some one sell on high rates then contact another dealer.
  • Do not enter same password in all website related to Pakcoin.e.g. if your wallet password is 12345678 then enter different password for forum like 23148675.

    Ahmar Rajpoot


Staff member
If there is trust issue with any one, start with small amount trade like 500 rs. Also, ask about him / her trust level in pakcoin groups on facebook or here, proceed only with trusted people .
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