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Appeal to Pakistanis around the Globe

Will Pakistanis support PakCoin ?

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Hello friends , I am from Pakistan but resides in Germany , I have keen interest in Cryptos because I read the story of a student who bought 27$ worth bitcoin in 2009 and kept it for three years and just in three years his bitcoin were worth 889,000 dollars. So my appeal to pakistani brothers and sisters is that though I am not the creator of PAKCOIN but wanna tell you that miracles do happen if you have the guts to believe in it. I myself bought the ethereum worth 200 euro and just in 10 days they are now more than 1000 euro worth . Now I am thinking why not support my country's own digital currency . Remember this is just start of a Digital revolution so invest as much as you can and support it and talk about it with other people in this way we can revolutionize it and make not just our future better but the future of our country as well.

At the end I would request the admin and creator of PAK coin that please provide convenient methods for the purchase of pakcoin via bank transfer as well , I tried to purchase it via bank but the page unable to load.