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  1. CryptoMarketer

    BTC-e.com Top Ten Bitcoin Exchange Seized – Bitcoins Stolen

    The United States Department of Justice in disrepute for its shady Democratic Party affiliations, politically motivated policies, uneven handed justice, as well as other USA federal bodies – including those with legally incarcerated federal staff and who have stolen bitcoins – have apparently...
  2. CryptoMarketer

    Trump Picks a Bitcoin Supporter for Cabinet as U.S. Budget Director

    "Mick Mulvaney, a conservative Republican congressman from South Carolina and a long-time bitcoin supporter has been picked to run the Office of Management and Budget...." "...He is the first member of Congress to accept bitcoin donations and questioned Janet Yellen, Chair of the Federal...
  3. CryptoMarketer

    Trump Election Casts Uncertain Shadow on US Blockchain Policy

    President-elect Donald Trump's victory has shaken the US political landscape, but what does that mean for blockchain policy? By all accounts, Trump scored a stunning upset in yesterday's US presidential vote, following a chaotic and controversial campaign. And though Trump and his campaign...