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  1. H

    Listing of Pakcoin new exchanges on Coinmarketcap

    Pakcoin two new exchanges par a gaya h lekin coinmarketcap par dono exchanges show nei ho rahi kiya waja h???
  2. Usman Perwaiz

    Lets Promote Pakcoin

    Mere Aziz Dosto, Pichle dino coinmarketcap k top gainers mein IndiaCoin araha tha jisse daikh ker mujy bohat dukh howa. Humare pass apna ik coin hai Pakcoin, kia hum ise pump ker k duniya ko nahi dikha sakte k yeh coin bhi wajood rakhta hai? Isi tarha Pakcoin ki world wild publicity ho sakti...
  3. Usman Butt

    Pakcoin WITHDRAWL.

    Assalam O Alaikum Guyz! I have a query ! That. You have only tell us that it can exchange to cryptopia.com But my Question is that how can we make a withdrawl?
  4. Usman Perwaiz

    Suggestion to Pakcoin admin

    1. Pakcoin ka Whitepaper website pe share kerain kion k logo ko coin or company k bare mein galt fehmiya door hoon. 2.Pakcoin ki apni decentralized exchange banani chahiye jis per users trading ker sakn at low fees. 3.Compnay ka CEO,COO or staff ki photos or experience ko pakcoin.io pe list kia...
  5. M

    Why the whole cryptomarket is going down and down

    Hi dears. I am curious and tense that why whole cryptomarket is going down and down?? anyone know the reason?
  6. Qasim Zia

    Bitcoin Recovery and Pakcoin

    Bitcoin and mostly other crypto currencies are recovering now. Will Pakcoin recover its value too?
  7. shabbirahsan


    PAKCOIN WALLET ME TRANSACTION KASE VIEW HO GI kis website pe ja ke pakcoin ki kistarah trading ho k wo wallet me show hona shuru ho jai.
  8. shabbirahsan

    Easy steps for new users

    Can someone bullet wise explain following steps for new users to start trading of PAKCOIN right from beginning?
  9. shabbirahsan


    There should be a documented tutorial too for new users covering all steps from registration, downloading, installing, updating, sale, purchase, referrals guide.
  10. P

    Salam PakCoin Fans.

    I am New. My Name Is Muhammad Usman. Hope you All Will Support Me. Thanks.
  11. Qasim Zia

    How to transfer Pakcoin to Cryptopia OR Yobit

    I need some help "How to transfer Pakcoin to Cryptopia OR Yobit" and also is there any video or guidance about how to use Cryptopia or Yobit a/c or wallet
  12. Usman Perwaiz

    Newbie seeking help.

    how to deposit USD in yobit? i have applied for accounts on bianance and other exchanges but stuck in verification and its been weeks now. now the way to add money on binance is that you create a account first on OKpay (they require verification too) still i am stuck there.as far as yobit is...
  13. Qasim Zia


    Asalam U Alikum and Hi all friends. I am new to Pakcoin better to say new to crypto currency world. Hoping to work with you all as team and discuss and spread the word "Pakcoin" more to our family, friends, colleagues etc to give Pakcoin a nice boost in public and at social media.
  14. M

    My brother forgot his E-wallet id and password

    Hi brothers and sisters. My brother forget his E-walet id and password, how to get it? he remember his email only..
  15. M

    PakCoin Faucets

    Hi dears. I wanna know is there any faucet of PakCoin?
  16. M

    What if two brothers living in same home using pakcoin forum on same ip address

    PakCoin forum does not allow multiple accounts. But me and my brother are two different people. can we use pakcoin forum using same ip address? is it legit/allowed???
  17. M

    PakCoin is becoming more and more popular day by day

    I heard that Arabian exchanges are now exchanging PakCoin. Is it true?
  18. M

    Wallet suggestion

    Hi brothers and sisters I use ewallet. Is this a good one or I should create another. Please share your reviews and experience. :)
  19. A


    what do you guys think about PAKCOIN future? some people are saying that pakcoin will go upto 0.5$ I think PAK will come down then will rise again? share ur reviews ?
  20. A

    hello i am new

    i am new buyer of pakcoin i joined the forum just few minutes ago