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  1. CryptoMarketer

    Evolutions on Mr. Phiri’s Water-Harvesting Plantation, 1995–2016

    Earlier this year I had the opportunity to return to Zimbabwe and to the farm of some of my prime water-harvesting mentors, Mr. Zephaniah Phiri Maseko and his family. While in the region, I also visited the farms of many other innovative farmers who are enhancing their soils’ hydrology and...
  2. Grewardcoin

    Birds Farming Plan. B01

    you want to get deasi eggs for own home & for sale. we make a 20 hens farming plan. you get daily 10 to 20 eggs. buy & make batchs. 20 hens now. 20 chicks age 4 month, 20 chicks age 2 month, 40 chicks age 1 month. after 6 month you get 100 eggs daily you sale 50 eggs & 50 for new new chicks.
  3. CryptoMarketer

    3rd World Farmer Video Game

    This is a pretty challenging game, it can be fun and educational though. http://3rdworldfarmer.com/
  4. CryptoMarketer

    Greening the Desert Video

    This is a really neat video.