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  1. Sherlock

    UTOPIA- First Truly Decentralised Ecosystem

    Today I am going to be talking about a soon to be launched( currently under beta-testing) social media platform, that goes by the name of UTOPIA. Why am I talking about it here? Because it puts privacy at top, and it also has a very nice beta-testing program going on, which a lot of the Pakcoin...
  2. CryptoMarketer

    Free Digital Currecy Course

    This is a free online course offered by the University of Nicosia in Cyprus. Follow the link below to register, the next course should begin sometime in September 2017: DFIN-511: Introduction to Digital Currencies is the first free MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on Digital Currencies...
  3. CryptoMarketer

    Bank of Russia: 'It's Time to Develop National Cryptocurrencies'

    Russia's central bank believes the time is right to develop and launch its own digital currency, one of its senior officials said today. Olga Skorobogatova, deputy chief of the Bank of Russia, was speaking during an appearance at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. According to...
  4. Anonymous

    Will Pakistanis support PakCoin ?

    Hello friends , I am from Pakistan but resides in Germany , I have keen interest in Cryptos because I read the story of a student who bought 27$ worth bitcoin in 2009 and kept it for three years and just in three years his bitcoin were worth 889,000 dollars. So my appeal to pakistani brothers...