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    Satoshi Nakamato to be revealed " claims

    Well Mcafee claims to know the real Satoshi Nakamato and he thinks revelling his identity will be a book to the cryptocurrency society, he thinks all the jokes who roams around claiming to be nakamato is essentially a sheer waste of public indulgence in their antiques. He was threatening...
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    Forums are back

    So much happy today
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    Hamza Latif here

    Welcome to the forum Hamza
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    Pak Coin earning Directly to JazzCash

    Is there a way that we can get Pak Coin earning Directly to JazzCash ?
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    Pakcoin Forum Earnings

    Thanks. Please also tell me how to withdraw and what is the minimum PAK coin to withdraw ?
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    Pakcoin ko support kese kia jay

    PaK coin Best hay yaro
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    Withdraw requested

    thx sir
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    Kya forum par paid training honi chahye?

    hona chayee.. pleaae start
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    Login reward reduced ?

    More than couple of things has been changed. Perviously we get pakcoins based on the lenght of the post. The more the words wriitten the more pakcoins we get. Now its reduced to 0.25 per post regardless of the lenght of the post. Tell us what else has chnaged ?
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    Withdraw requested

    Hi admin. I have requested a withdraw. Please process ASAP. thanks.
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    Login reward reduced ?

    I have noticed that i got 1 pakcoin for login and perviuosly i got 5 Coin. Any updates and changes in reward ?
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    Withdraw Pakcoins

    ok i will post
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    How to earn on this forum

    yes i want complete details how much pakcins for each activity . hope you understand . thank .
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    How to earn on this forum

    I am still waiting for the reply . Can anyone tell the details on how to earn on this forum or anyone share the link for " forum par pakcoin kamayn " thread as mentioned by admin in the first post of this thread. Waiting for a quck response on this please . Thanks .
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    How to earn on this forum

    I have searched this thread here on this forum : forum par pakcoin kamayn : but unable to find it. Can you send me the link please ?
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    Great News: PakCoin is at 140 Position amoung 650 Coins

    Just happen to find this information and wanted to share with you all. PakCoin is at 140 Position amoung 650 Coins Here is the Proof : - Crypto - Currency Market Capitalizations # Name Symbol Market Cap Price Available Supply 140 Pakcoin PAK $ 141 , 384 $...
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    Do you want pakcoin on poloniex?

    yes i think pak coin should be added in polonex exchange . I have voted for it also. But i think we need to be pateint until they accept t the PAkcoins on thier exchange .
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    Withdraw Pakcoins

    I have just now done a withdraw of 100 pakcoins . Can you please let me know when it will be transffered to my wallet ? I am waiting for my 100 pakcoins tranffered to my wallet . Is the procedure automatic ?
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    How to earn on this forum

    Dear Admin, Can you tell us the how to earn on this forum ? I mean i know daily login gives u 5 pakcoins etc. but i want to know complete details. Please tell us complete details for the benefits of all the Users here in this forum. Thanks a lot and thanks for making such a great forum. Good...
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    Hi, Can you tell the options avaible to withdraw Payza in pakistan with charges ?