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    Satoshi Nakamato to be revealed " claims

    Well Mcafee claims to know the real Satoshi Nakamato and he thinks revelling his identity will be a book to the cryptocurrency society, he thinks all the jokes who roams around claiming to be nakamato is essentially a sheer waste of public indulgence in their antiques. He was threatening...
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    Pak Coin earning Directly to JazzCash

    Is there a way that we can get Pak Coin earning Directly to JazzCash ?
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    Withdraw requested

    Hi admin. I have requested a withdraw. Please process ASAP. thanks.
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    Login reward reduced ?

    I have noticed that i got 1 pakcoin for login and perviuosly i got 5 Coin. Any updates and changes in reward ?
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    Great News: PakCoin is at 140 Position amoung 650 Coins

    Just happen to find this information and wanted to share with you all. PakCoin is at 140 Position amoung 650 Coins Here is the Proof : - Crypto - Currency Market Capitalizations # Name Symbol Market Cap Price Available Supply 140 Pakcoin PAK $ 141 , 384 $...
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    Withdraw Pakcoins

    I have just now done a withdraw of 100 pakcoins . Can you please let me know when it will be transffered to my wallet ? I am waiting for my 100 pakcoins tranffered to my wallet . Is the procedure automatic ?
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    How to earn on this forum

    Dear Admin, Can you tell us the how to earn on this forum ? I mean i know daily login gives u 5 pakcoins etc. but i want to know complete details. Please tell us complete details for the benefits of all the Users here in this forum. Thanks a lot and thanks for making such a great forum. Good...
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    Hi, Can you tell the options avaible to withdraw Payza in pakistan with charges ?
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    why pakcoin not avaible on Bittrex ?

    why pakcoin not avaible on Bittrex ? Admin, can you do some steps so that Pakcoin is also available on bittrex exchange. Bittrex is one of the biggest exchange and you should introduce it there also.
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    Pakcoin Minning

    Can anybody tell how to mine pakcoins?
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    Ethereum (ETH) Coin

    Do u think Ethereum (ETH) Coin will be biggest danger to Bitcoins. Ethereum (ETH) Coin value is growing very high day by day.and do u think its best to invest in it ?
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    Captha Work

    Hi Everyone. Has anybody ever did captha work and / or interested in doing so. Also tell what u thnik, how much payment is given for captha work ?
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    Earn Money with Smart Phone

    I have a method to earn money / Bitcoins through Smart phones. Admin, can i share the method here ?
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    Pakcoin Features

    Pakcoin Features: Total Coins:182 Million Block Time:1 Minute Block Reward:50 PAK Reward Halving:Every 3 years Difficulty Retarget:1 day Maturity time of new coins:50 blocks Transaction fee:Very negligible, upto 0.01 PAK depending on Transaction amount / size P2p Port:7867 RPC Port:7866...
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    Sell Rate Buy Rate

    Who determines  Sell Rate Buy Rate of Pak Coins ?? Sell Rate: 1 PAK = 0.092 PKR Buy Rate: 1 PAK = 0.074 PKR
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    IOS or Andriod App

    hi  Does pakcoin has iOS or android app ?
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    Donate PAK coins

    Please donate me PAK coins to get me started of to a flying start . :P
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    Per Visit 1PAK

    Per Visit    1PAK kis tarah calculate hota hay ?
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    How to get your coins withdraw from Urdubit

    How to get your coins withdraw from Urdubit. Can some explain in detail and also fee involved in it ?